Studio Arctic Projects

Research assignments and projects over the years

Developing the unknown: North Iceland

In 2018 Studio Arctic has been contributing to an innovation in the Nordic Travel market; the destination development of North Iceland for the Benelux market. With new weekly direct flights from Rotterdam/TheHague airport to Akureyrí airport as fundament. A project initiated by Voigt Travel and consulted by Studio Arctic. The thing we learned from the past is through creating accessibility to relatively unknown destinations or region within a ‘legitimated’ destination, a new market could be created. With this in our head, and thinking as how a traveller would think, we analysed the possibilities on Iceland. A region with all natural wonders a traveller would wish for and very motivated and passionate ‘local’ professionals. With an existing occupancy rate of beds that is far more interesting then the South and Reykjavík, and a quite challenging accessibility. In other words: a region which is literally waiting to make the next steps in its development. In 2019 there will be weekly flights from Monday  27.05.19 – 09-09-19

Northernlights concept

From 2013 Wietse has been developing an innovative northernlights concept, together with Weatherman and Northernlightsman Ruben Weytjens. The concept consists of travel productions, northernlightsapp and a social media platform.

  • approx 1500 travellers joined the exclusive northernlights tours over the years
  • approx 40.000 downloads of the northernlightsapp
  • approx 7000 social followers on Noorderlichtclub and Noorderlichtman

Northernlights hunting in Luosto – Finnish Lapland

New infrastructure to Sweden and Finland

In order to meet the need in the market for a more solid infrastructure from Benelux to North Scandinavia during summer and autumn, Studio Arctic supported the development of the new route RTM-SFT-RVN-RTM, Rotterdam – Skellefteå – Rovaniemi – Rotterdam. Voigt Travel organizes the weekly flights in 2018, established in close cooperation with Visit Skellefteå and Skellefteå airport and consulted Studio Arctic. The triangle corridor is the perfect fundament for efficient and attractive cross-border products in Northern Sweden, Finland and Norway.

“How to create, protect and capture the value from a touristic service concept (non-technical innovation)?”

Research about new (flight) infrastructure to North Scandinavia during Summer.


We clarified the way customers value a service concept. Six variables constitute the value of this tourism product: Reputation of touroperator, Reputation of Destination, Monetary costs, Nonmonetary costs, service quality and quality of service experiences. These last four variables form the paradigm between costs and benefits and considered to be the foundation of perceived value.

Regarding protecting and capturing the value: reputation of the touroperator can considered to be the constituting variable of value appropriation. Having good, healthy relationships with local suppliers (stakeholders) are important to strengthen the position of the touroperator in the value system.

The research among travellers (pre- and post-consumption), results and managerial implications are kept confidential.

Inaugural flight Transavia AMS-RVN – June 2017